Energy Medicine Professional Association - Insured


Who we are:

Here, at Downeast Wellness, we believe in the Wellness Pathway, where our minds and bodies determine our state of health. We are not physicians and do not practice medicine; rather we teach and use Mind-Body and Complementary Practices to help people achieve wellness. Our focus is on the person, not the symptom.  This means that your concerns will be listened to with caring and empathy.  Through the practices of mindfulness, energy work, and clinical aromatherapy, we will help you find your balance in life.

What we offer:

Initial Consultation  
This is our time to discuss your needs and develop a health partnership.

Holistic Health Coaching  / Targeted Need Visits

These are periodic check ins for when life happens, or when changes need to be made in your wellness plan.

Tsubo / QiGong

These are the ancient practices of Chinese and Japanese breathing, acupressure, meditation, posture and energy work.

Clinical  Aromatherapy  

Using plant based supplements and essential oils, we help you support your body’s natural immunity for life’s challenges and daily vitality.


With Native and Asian energy work, we can reactivate the parasympathetic system to help your body achieve homeostasis.

Soul Collage / EcoTherapy / Lunch Programs       

Indoor and outdoor activities designed to help us reconnect with ourselves and nature.

Medical Case Consultation

We can work with your providers to co-develop wellness plans  for severe health challenges (cancer, etc.).