Who we are:

Here, at Downeast Wellness, we believe in the Wellness Pathway, where our minds and bodies determine our state of health. We are holistic health practitioners who teach and use Complementary Practices, Clinical Aromatherapy and Integrative Medicine to help you:

1. learn about your current health,
2. identify current challenges,
3. help you make informed decisions,
4. and set / achieve your health goals.
We believe that YOU are your own best resource for wellness. By partnering with you, we facilitate a natural, holistic approach that includes a complete wellness assessment, holistic services, and informative  health education classes.

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What we offer:

Initial Consultation  
This is where we listen to you, discuss your needs, and make personalized recommendations.

Integrative Medicine

We consult with medical specialists and build a holistic team to provide evidence-based care for chronic conditions.

Dorn Methodology

The science of correcting the body's posture through non-chiropractic interventions, to reduce pain, improve balance, and build strength and immunity.

QiGong / Chi Kung

The art of using breathing, posture and low impact exercise to restore energy flow and strengthen the core structures of the body.

Mind-Body Practices

The science of using guided imagery, focused breathing, and relaxation techniques to reduce chronic stress responses.

Tsubo Shiatsu (Acupressure)

The science of using specific pressure points to open blocked energy channels or relieve muscle tension in the body.


With Native and Asian energy work, we can reactivate the parasympathetic system to help your body achieve homeostasis.

Health Coaching 

The art of reflective listening and non-therapeutic feedback to help people make positive changes in their daily life activities.

Clinical  Aromatherapy  

The science of using plants and essential oils, to help support the body’s natural immunity.

Phototherapy and Binaural Therapy       

The science of using specific wavelengths of light / sound to support synaptic activity in the brain.

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